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 It’s just a piece of chocolate   Saariselkä MTB Stages, stage 2. A long day on the bike, 7.5 hours. Started in rain and a lot of mud. Also ended in mud.  But one of the best days out ever, amazing trails! Waterproof gloves and socks from Showers Pass kept me going.  #cykelcafelemond #saariselkamtb #saariselkamtbstages #saariselkä #finland #lapland
 Phad Thai had a fantastic summer break but is now back on the lunch menu!  Saariselkä MTB Stages, stage 1. As you can see a good day in the Lapland wilderness. My S-Works Camber did a great job on the bumpy trails and extra plus plus  to my Fast Trak tyres that did not puncture. A lot of stones up here! #cykelcafelemond #saariselkamtb #saariselkamtbstages #saariselkä #lapland #finland
 Saariselkä MTB Stages, stage 3. Last day and @saariselkamtb sure saved the best trails for this sunny day! Spectacular views in the national park all the way into Russia, rain deer’s and plenty of rocks. Also got to see some auroras at night. Crew performed well with win in women elite and 1st & 2nd in women hobby. Thumbs up to @saariselkamtb for this amazing event, can’t wait to get back! #cykelcafelemond #saariselkamtb #saariselkamtbstages #lapland #finland  Anmälan är öppen till höstens roligaste och finaste lopp! Leta upp eventet på Facebook. Planering av samåkning från Sthlm och rumsdelning sker i gruppen Cafécykling Le Mond. Häng på! #cykelcafelemond #centurycx